Raised in the rural town of Orange Cove, Rob Lopez was influenced most by Star Wars, Spider-Man and X-Men comics, and the works of H.G. Wells and Isaac Asimov. While in high school he created the comic strip Nucleon for the Reedley Exponent, Foreign Affairs, an original play performed by his peers, and his short story “Magdalaine” was published in Symmetry, the Reedley College literary magazine. In his twenties Rob designed his own adventure games, performed community theater and worked as an office clerk at Pine Flat Ranger station. During his years as a computer and GED instructor he focused on developing one of his own games, Spiral Legion, The Sci-fi Horror Roleplaying Game.

Rob  has been an HR assistant, HR department supervisor and a retail store marketing specialist. In 2009, he created the comic Forsaken Stars and in 2010 he joined the Fresno Sci-Fi & Fantasy Writers. He worked at Macy’s for five years as a retail associate, but has recently returned to his home town and has found work at a Child Development Center named after his grandmother Julia.

He continues to be active as an artist for Fresno Arthop and is looking to branch out to the South Valley. He usually creates while listening to the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen, Angels and Airwaves, Bear’s Den, or the 1975 on Spotify, or watching shows like The Magicians, The Runaways, Agents of Shield or Doctor who on platforms like Netflix, Hulu or amazon instant via roku.

His parents are his heroes, his brothers and sisters inspire him to be better, and he adores his nephews and niece (soon to be nieces)!



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