The Echo Girl


I went through a lot of incarnations of the Echo Girl to arrive at the cover girl. An unusual mix of curls, blue hair, she’s got a mole and a chin dimple. I played with a more realistic look, but I’m still getting used to Clip Studio Pro, so I tried to stay in my wheelhouse while pushing my self with the skin tones.

The Echo Girl is available for kindle and in paperback at amazon! Check it out and check out a few of her other incarnations below.

This one very nearly was the cover, but ultimately I felt it was too tight and I opted for the looser, more stylized look.

The Original Echo Girls

Imagine my dismay when I realized I had drawn these at internet dimensions: 600 x 800 pixels! I supposed I could have easily redrawn them, but I decided they were perhaps too comic art styled for such an intense short story.

A More Realistic Echo Girl

Though the general idea for the Echo Girl story came from my own personal struggles of the last couple years, my inspiration for the visuals in my mind’s eye of what the Echo Girl should or could look like comes from multiple sources, including alt models like Johannie, the young blonde woman in the clip I used for the book promo (check it out on youtube here!) and, of course, velociraptors such as those seen in Jursassic Park or Primeval.

The Prototype Echo Girl

As the germ of the idea for the Echo Girl took shape, this was the first idea I had for the cover, heavily influenced by Studio Ghibli and anime films like Voices of a Distant Star


So far, that’s it. Follow me on instagram @robsojourn for more Echo Girl goodness and other art and writing updates!

Thanks, and God Bless.



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