Cover Art for The Dark Lady

This one was a bit involved and I worked on it on and off for a few months before it was complete. Have I mentioned that I love, love, love drawing on Borden and Riley paper for ink pens? It just makes my pencil work look exquisite.

The Dark Lady Pencils
The Dark Lady Pencils

Once I was satisfied with the pencils, I scanned it into the computer and began laying down darker and darker washes.

The Dark Lady Washes
The Dark Lady Washes

Finally, I hit it with some color highlights, starpoints and then the titles.

rla The Dark Lady FINAL w TITLES

The Dark Lady is a Forsaken Stars Tale, here’s the book description:

They say she is a young woman with black hair and a dress that glitters with stars, and that she waits by the side of the road with a suitcase at her feet or in hand. She doesn’t wave, she rarely moves, but she is looking for something or someone. As you pass and look in your rearview or sideview mirrors, she’s in them, but if you slow down or stop and look back, she’s no longer there, as if she vanished. I’ve always wondered what would happen if you slowed down and looked in your mirror and backed up, never taking your eye off her image. Might you drive up to her then and be able to offer her a ride? Maybe that’s the trick…

Brothers Andre and Volkov Kasper are borrowing the Last Sheila, a creaky old Zanthium Ore arc-jump star freighter, to make a run that will take them near the Delven Homeworld so that they can spread their deceased sister’s ashes at the waterfalls of Ascandia. Upon passing the Indigo Nebula, Volkov sees the impossible–a woman, sans spacesuit, wearing the cosmos like a dress, floating just outside the ship! Andre guesses his brother has been drinking too much fauxdka, but she is far more than a figment of Volkov’s drunken imagination. And she’s not alone…

Set in the Forsaken Stars Universe, the Dark Lady is a self-contained short story with all the thrills, chills and sexiness of the comic. Also contains illustrations and concept art!

You can find “The Dark Lady” here!


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