The Return of Satan Cover Art

Last year, I illustrated a couple of covers for my fellow Fresno Scifi & Fantasy Writer friend Jim D. Geiser. One of those illustrations can now be seen on his new ebook, The Return of Satan. Here is the art in it’s various stages and variations:

ROS Original Inks
ROS Original Inks

The above is the original illustration, penciled and then inked. The perspective was a worm’s eye view, so his legs appear shortened. Too short, as it turned out, for Jim’s liking, and since there really weren’t going to be any ques from the background to further support the lower perspective, I went ahead and lengthened the legs in further drafts of the cover.

ROS Final Cover
ROS Final Cover

For the final cover, I wanted everything that could be red to be red, including the line art, and a few select fill ins would be black, like belt straps and some of the pouches. My college art teacher, Mr. Sam Rae, used to say that “the ‘most evil’ combination of colors is black and red,” and I wanted to keep to that. It’s bold, eye-catching, and reminiscent of some great novel covers I’d seen growing up. (Stephen King’s It and the novelization of V come to mind.)

ROS Variant
ROS Variant

Who doesn’t love a good variant cover? If you collected comics in the 90s, you know what I’m talking about. Sketch covers and foil stamped covers were all the rage back then, so I like to play with an image to see if I can surprise myself–or in this case, if the computer graphics program can surprise me–with an interesting result. Here’s what happened when I inverted the values on one of the variants. It looks a little bloody, a little digi, and a lot cool. At least in my opinion.

Thanks for checking out my art blog, now go out and pick up Jim’s ebook thriller, The Return of Satan!


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